This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

Control, configure and manage all the screensavers on your PC

This useful screensaver utility allows you to control every screenshot on your machine with the mere click of a mouse. It is packed with scores of features designed to help you sort out what you want to show up when you´re not at your computer.

Benefits of the package include:

More control over your screensavers

You can manage and organize your installed screensavers with greater ease by installing them in separate folders. Unlike Windows itself, SaverNow lets you choose screen savers from any folder you want, in addition to the default Windows system folders.

Switch screensavers with ease

Simply click the SaverNow icon on the system tray (near the clock on the Taskbar) to activate the current screensaver, double-click it to enable/disable the saver, or click the right mouse button on the icon for an options menu.

Tweak your settings

You can change the screen saver settings for the Windows logon screen, known in Windows XP as the 'Welcome screen'. This screen is shown on some Windows versions when Windows first starts up, or when a screensaver is activated with password protection applied to it.

Save system resources

You can disable the screensaver for a given time period, thus preventing it from interfering with other running applications. Monitor power modes can be activated as well - You can instantly bring your monitor into standby/suspend/off mode to save power.